Case study on campaign marketing taxonomy for a Fortune 500 company

Our customer

This customer is a large Fortune 500 company that spends millions of dollars marketing 50+ brands. They have a well-defined marketing taxonomy to facilitate their marketing analytics, for better marketing ROI attribution. The customer's marketing analytics team had difficulty maintaining their complex taxonomy, managing taxonomy across multiple brands, and collaborating on taxonomy with the marketing agency that runs their campaign operations.

What the customer needed

The customer needed a taxonomy management platform that could:

  • Support the complexities of their current taxonomy for campaign names and UTM tagging
  • Was customizable enough to allow this taxonomy to grow according to their future analytics
  • Allow them to manage taxonomy for their 20+ brands
  • Grant and control taxonomy access to their marketing operations agency
  • Be deployed in their own cloud environment

CampTag’s Solution

CampTag is a customizable marketing taxonomy platform that allows marketing operation and analytics teams to build, collaborate on and manage campaign taxonomy and UTM tagging. CampTag allows organizations to standardize and govern their marketing taxonomy at scale without the need for complex spreadsheets or expensive ETL to ensure compliance.

CampTag was customized to allow the customer to sign into the platform using their own SSO (Single sign-on) provider. The platform's taxonomy building feature was modified to ensure that the customer could customize the taxonomy as their requirements grew.

How CampTag Benefitted the Customer

The customer was able to:

  • Define and standardize their taxonomy within CampTag, which allowed them to move away from their spreadsheet-based taxonomy management, saving them 15% of time spent on creating compliant campaign names and UTMs.
  • Ensure compliance to taxonomy standards resulting in an ETL effort reduction of 512 hours to fix taxonomy related errors.
  • Onboard their 48-person campaign operations team from their agency into CampTag and collaborate with them on their marketing taxonomy.
  • Reduce effort spent on managing taxonomy across several brands by 18% by using CampTag's workspaces to manage each individual brand.

CampTag – Marketing Taxonomy and Campaign URL tagging

CampTag can help you standardize your marketing taxonomy so that you can get rid of messy, error-prone excel sheets. Tag your campaign URLs using standard parameters or custom dimensions using our robust, easy-to-use platform.

Reach out to us today to find out how CampTag can help save you hundreds of man-hours and effort.