CampTag’s simple yet powerful URL builder spreadsheet

Struggling with copy-pasting utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign parameters into URL builders? Try out CampTag’s URL builder spreadsheet for super-charged campaign URL tagging.

Introduction to UTM parameters

Introduction to UTM parameters, how you can create them, and how the reports are generated in Google analytics, to help you run better campaigns.

CampTag marketing taxonomy for a Fortune 500 company

How CampTag helped a large Fortune 500 company optimize their campaign analytics with standard marketing taxonomy and UTM tagging.

Campaign naming convention

How to create standardized marketing campaign naming conventions and how they help you gather more information about your digital marketing campaigns.

Getting customer information without third party cookies

Substitutes for third party cookies, and how to get customer information in a cookie-less world.

Google sheet template for building UTM tracking code for PPC campaigns

Step-by-step guide to building campaign tracking URLs using Google sheet templates, quickly and effectively.

What is taxonomy and marketing taxonomy

What is taxonomy and marketing taxonomy – definition, terms, uses and impact of using the right taxonomy.

List of top 5 UTM builders, their advantages and disadvantages

Top 5 UTM builders that you can use to get started with your campaign tagging, their uses and disadvantages.

All about query string parameters, how they work and how to use them in your campaigns

Query string parameters can be used for modifying content on pages, or for tracking your visitors more effectively.

Step-by-step guide to setting up a Google Ads campaign for the best results

Step-by-step guide to setting up a Google Analytics campaign, the right way, so that you get maximum returns on your ad spend.

Importing campaign data with utm_id, cid in GA, Adobe Analytics

Learn how to import campaign data using utm_id or cid into Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Hide UTM parameters and collect more campaign data.

A review of the Top 7 URL builder spreadsheets

List of top 7 URL builder spreadsheets to create campaign URLs in bulk, using UTM parameters like source, medium and campaign name.

Marketing Data Governance – how it can change your organization’s core through data

Formulating the perfect data governance strategy, implementing and auditing it, will help get the customer data across to the right person at the right time.

Google Ads reports on Google analytics, to help you make your campaigns better

Gain more insights about your Google Ads paid campaigns through Google Analytics standard reports.

Common mistakes in paid marketing campaigns and how to avoid them

List of common mistakes that marketers make while implementing paid marketing campaigns and how to avoid them.

Set up a Google Smart Campaign – Run your ads on autopilot.

Step-by-step guide to setting up your Google Smart Campaign, to generate high-quality leads for your business.

How to create Remarketing campaigns on Google Ads

Remarketing helps you in branding, in reaching out to your website visitors, and staying connected with them. Set up your remarketing campaign today!

Steps to set up a LinkedIn paid campaign

Guide to setting up a LinkedIn campaign to market your products and services to your target audience.

Quick guide to running perfect email marketing campaigns

Quick guide to running perfect email marketing campaigns - choose the right audience, write selling email copies and get your email marketing strategy right.

Campaign URL Tagging using UTM parameters for better campaign analytics

Campaign Tagging using UTM parameters, campaign ID or UTM ID ensures that the right information is collected about your website visitors.

PPC glossary to dig deeper into your paid marketing campaigns

PPC Glossary of all the commonly used terms in paid marketing, to help you understand your PPC marketing campaigns better.

FAQs on Campaign URL Tagging

Frequently Asked Questions related to campaign URL tagging and paid marketing campaigns, to help you run campaigns better.

The Rise and Fall of URL Shorteners

With the advent of social media, there came the need to shorten URLs in order to accommodate them in social media posts. Read more about URL shorteners.

Setting up Facebook Campaigns

Guide to setting up Facebook Campaigns – campaign objectives, scheduling, budgets, audiences, attribution and other key strategies to Facebook marketing.

How to use UTM_ID in Google Ad Campaigns

How to use UTM_ID to tag paid marketing campaign URLs and import the campaign data to Google Analytics.

URL Tagging in Social Media Marketing Campaigns

URL tagging using UTM parameters, UTM_ID and CID in social media marketing campaigns for more accurate campaign performance data.

Choosing the right marketing platform for paid campaigns

Choosing the right marketing platform for your paid campaigns will ensure better reach and better results. Read this article to make informed decisions.

Who Should Own Campaign Names – Organizations or Agencies?

It’s extremely important for organizations to own Campaign Taxonomy, and insist on standardization across different teams, geographies or business units.

Limitations of free UTM builders

10 limitations of free UTM Builders and how to overcome them with CampTag.